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The Thief In Most Every Home

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Attic Stairway. Yes, I said it. Besides the fact that 80 percent of them have huge gaps, and don't close completely, many stairways are situated right next to the air return. This means air is being pulled from the attic into the house.

If that was the only problem, I would't even write this post. The other problem is that most stairways to attics have no insulation on them and therefore offer NO resistance to the transfer of heat in and out of your home. This can amount to several rooms worth of energy wasted daily.

Simply put, your stairway is a crook. It is at very least an Achilles heal.

So! What do we do? In addition to adding foam board to the stairway itself, we would want to install a premium stairway insulator ( Not a cheap one or one that is over priced and saggy ).

The insulator should be installed into the frame of the stairwell and sealed with a quality tape that is both heat and cold resistant.

Once installed properly by a capable company ( Attic Buddies ), you will see and feel an immediate difference. Besides saving money on energy costs, our Premium Stairway Insulator can help reduce the possibility of elevated moisture levels (Humidity). It Also Helps prevent insulation falling into the house every time the stairway is deployed and it seals the pathway of airflow so the attic can function properly.

For God's sake. Get a Stairway Insulator Now!

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