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When Is Insulation Removal An Option?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The Process of removing insulation can be manual or with the aid of a machine. By hand, the Batt Insulation is typically placed into bags and transported to a dumpster for disposal. When removing insulation using a machine, typically the blown in insulation is sucked out using a vacuum and stored in large removal bags that are then transported to a dump site and properly disposed of. Removing Insulation can offer the homeowner a fresh start at cleaner air inside the home, access to areas that were once covered, and a chance to seal energy robbing areas that previously were not exposed.

What are the indicators for removing Insulation? One is that the existing insulation is contaminated or infested with rodent drippings, Raccoon poop, or other harmful contaminants.

Another might be that the existing insulation has severe water damage and should be removed to prevent mold formation.

Finally, you may just want to remove insulation due to its age. I has collected so much dust that is I damaging the air quality of the home. People with respiratory illness might not want to risk infection from dust mites that can collect in older insulation over time.

Along with removal, a complete air seal around all intrusions into your attic, plus a complete disinfection should be performed. Many companies charge for this service while others may not.

Removal and Replacement can be a multi day job depending on the size of your attic and volume of material removed. While your attic is empty of insulation, a second inspection should be performed to identify and mold or moisture issues, discover any entry points for rodents and see if bath hoses are properly connected and vented.

Insulation Removal is not always necessary but can go a long way to improve the air quality in your home. Ask for a free estimate to determine if removal is the right option for you.

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