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Why You Shouldn't Store Things In Your Attic

The Attic is not the best place to store your personal items.

Every year, I would climb up the attic stairs and pull out the Christmas tree, lights and decorations.

I noticed the decorations were fading with each passing year. The lights barely worked and the box our tree was in was brittle.

To top it off, I had placed my things directly on top of the insulation. This pressed down the insulation, taking away its insulate properties and began heating up my house. I noticed our bills creeping up. The heater ran longer in winters, the AC in summer.

What did I do?

An Attic Buddies professional explains how each item I stored in the attic became a "battery' for heat. Those Christmas items actually stored heat and disseminated that heat back into our house at night. And with temperatures above 140 degrees some days, those items were taking a beating.

We found a solution. We had space above our garage that had no insulation, could be vented and was accessible from the garage. This would be our new storage area. This coupled with a solar attic fan to cool the entire attic and remove harmful moisture, we found a viable storage solution. No need to pay a monthly storage fee or drive 20 minutes to a storage facility, put in our code , unlock our unit , roll up the heavy door and take one item out. Your garage became our new storage unit.

Attic Buddies were able to install the solar fan, build and install the decking and repair the insulation we damaged from storing items directly onto the insulation.

We now have a more energy efficient home, storage and peace of mind knowing our things will last longer above our garage.

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