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Founded by a Former US Marine and resident of The Woodlands, Dave Brown excelled as top in his class at the Armed Forces School of Music. He served during the Gulf War I, and was a composer for the Marine Corps Band.


Attic Buddies is an attempt to bring Innovation plus Radically High Quality, Honest, Expert service to the Home Improvement sector while improving the thermal management of homes in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and Montgomery County Areas. 

Dave Brown believes in lifelong study and the application of first principles to achieve one's goals. "There are really no short cuts to excellence." "Failure is a teacher" if you learn from it and change your approach based on that feedback, you will succeed. 

The Son of a Pastor (Dad) and Educator (Mom) who served as Superintendent of Schools, Dave's Values are one of education, transparency, truth and honoring one's word. "I like to bring a sense of joy and adventure to my work", says Dave. Our Crews Call each other Buddy, naturally. We have a culture of communication, respect and connection. That's what makes working with Attic Buddies Fun and Fulfilling. Insulation is hard work all by itself. Why make it harder?

Attic Buddies is Passionate about helping their community by giving to local organizations and students, while encouraging achievement in science and math. 

The core belief of the Attic Buddies Brand is Service to others builds a Life worth Living. How can we help you?

Dave Brown

(832) 464-7176

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