Dave Brown and his wife Started Building Mini Dome Homes for vacationers that were unique and Upscale; usually located near a water feature. As a result, they learned everything there was to know about insulation and building materials. They learned the R-Values, the environmental impact of each product and the costs of each product.

When asked by a friend to come into the insulation business as a partner, Dave Brown agreed with one condition; " High Quality and Excellent Service would have to be at the heart of everything we did". Also, instead of being a partner in his friend's company, Dave would start a separate company called Attic Buddies. Attic Buddies would conduct the estimates and his friend would handle the installation. Hence the name Attic Buddies. Two Buddies working in Houston Attics.


Unfortunately, Dave's Buddy went out of business due to family issues.


Dave had a choice to make. Find another partner or go full service. Dave was asked to install insulation in a former customer's rental home. Reluctantly, Dave accepted the job, hired great talent, installed the insulation, and thus the Birth of Attic Buddies Insulation (The Full Service Insulation Company it is today). 

Since that time, Attic Buddies has helped Houston Home Dwellers enjoy greater comfort, quiet, clean air and considerable lowered bills. "We have probably saved our homeowners close to 2 Million dollars collectively", says Dave.

Dave Brown, a Family Man and Veteran of the US Marines (Gulf War 1) is proud to offer discounts to the brave men and women who serve and have served our great nation. Attic Buddies also hires veterans as much as possible. "As long as there are homes, we hope Attic Buddies will be here to Insulate them", says Dave.

You can be sure your attic, home or  commercial building is in good hands when you use Attic Buddies. You will find a complete knowledgable staff dedicated to completing your project to your satisfaction. More than that, Attic Buddies will thoroughly assess your home or office to reveal any issues that are not typically related to insulation. For instance, we discovered a gas leak in an Attic that was right next to a shorted wire. There is no need to tell you what could have happened if this situation was left unchecked. We alerted the home owners, they fixed the issue and then we cleaned, insulated, and aerated their attic to upgrade the efficiency of their home by over 70%. We are proud of our work and happy to help you too!

Thanks, Attic Buddies, for a job well done  

                                                                R. Phillips

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