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What if Your Home Is NOT Certified Weather Ready ?

Updated: Jan 6

Not having your attic checked by a professional can mean that your home may be subject to lingering problems that can include pest entry, frozen pipes, busted pipes, excessive heat transfer and energy loss. You can be experiencing higher levels of moisture, air gaps, even higher levels of noise pollution.

A certified attic and home means all the boxes have been checked, they have been verified by a professional and signed off on so the likelihood of these annoying issues decrease dramatically.

There was a woman who we visited that was away from her home during the 2021 Freeze in Houston.

Her attic was NOT Certified Weather Ready. The ceiling became flooded with water. The Sheetrock came down and the brand new wood flooring had warped to a level that made the floor look like a Malibu Wave.

Remodeling and mitigation costs hovered above $25,000. Not to mention the disruption to her life, while contractors came in and out during a 3 month nightmare.

On the other hand, a Certified Weather Ready Home by Attic Buddies offers peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing you have a greatly reduced chance of catastrophic failure.

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