FIBERGLASS: It Does More Than You Think

Fiberglass Insulation can — and should — do more than help maintain a comfortable temperature within your home. So if you’re planning or have already started to remodel, renovate or build a home or if you have been in your home a while and your insulation has shrunk, you need to learn how insulation can help keep your family truly comfortable and protect your greatest investment.

What’s to think about?

Energy efficiency and comfortable, consistent indoor temperatures, of course. That part – the R-value – is pretty straightforward. But in recent years, building scientists have made some remarkable advances in insulation technologies that can help protect both your home and your family better than ever before.

Today the types — and even the brand — of insulation products used in each area of your home can make a big difference in its air tightness, noise levels and most importantly, its ability to manage moisture and help reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth within your walls. Insulation also slows the rate of heat transfer keeping your hard earned energy dollars in your house and keeping the sun's destructive heat out of your house longer. You can extend the life of your HVAC unit, preserve your roof, lower humidity levels, lower electric and gas bills, and create less hot and cold zones in your house. The comparative investment is much lower that the overwhelming return over time. What's not to like?

Non Harmful, Non Toxic Insulation?

Attic Buddies uses Johns Manville Brand insulation, a high-performance insulation which has been scientifically developed to provide the maximum in comfort, protection and efficiency. owns manville insulation is anti Asthmatic, Hypo Allergenic and safe for the whole family. It will not itch if you touch it. Regardless of your location or the challenges of your project, whether the answer is fiberglass, spray foam, blow-in or a hybrid system of products, Attic Buddies has the right solution.

 Insulate Now

Every month you are under insulated, you are throwing away money. For comfort, savings and protecting your investment in the long run, you need to make the right choice now.

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