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Under Insulated House? 

Avoid Frozen Pipes This Year

Welcome To Attic Buddies Insulation & Roofing. The Premium Insulation Company serving The Woodlands, Spring and Conroe. We Deliver Expertise and Excellence from a Friendly disposition. We are Imitated by many, but Unmatched by most. Our Service delivery is digitized and Streamlined for your ease and convenience. Coupled with 69 Years of Combined Experience in reducing thermal transfer, Attic Buddies Insulation Provides Extremely professional Inspections that can help fix the issues that may be hurting your house. Don't let incorrectly installed insulation or under insulation cost you thousands more later on down the road. Schedule a Free Inspection and let Attic Buddies Help!


Should you remove your old, dusty, infested insulation? Removal of old insulation is an important step to improving the air quality in your home and getting a fresh start on a healthy life in your home. Attic Buddies specializes in removals of all size homes.  They'll help you decide if removal is the best option.

Radiant foil is the only true radiant barrier. Spray on radiant barrier may be a complete waste of money and time. Contact for more information.

Spray on radiant barrier can flake off over time and lose it resistant properties.

Radiant foil. reject up to 97% of the sun's radiant energy and creates an air channel to exhume heated air from your ridge vent naturally.

Solar Attic Fans or Solar Vents help remove hot, moist air at a rate faster than a ridge vent. In fact 85% of most homes do not have enough ridge vent to remove the humid air from your attic. Insulation companies are not the best choice for installing roof vents. So we created a roofing division. Attic Buddies has a certified Roofing division that can expertly install your solar attic vents the proper way so you can trust your fan will perform properly for years to come. 

Our Roofing division is second to none. Management of large and small projects by our trained staff can make replacing your roof a pleasure. On site management with a combined 69 years of experience makes Attic Buddies a perfect choice for roof repair, maintenance or replacement.

You are not quite ready for a complete replacement but your roof has a few issues. Many times, you can touch up the areas that may cause you problems at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement and be sure your roof will function properly until you replace it.

Our inspections are not just a guy with a tape measure recommending insulation. Attic Buddies Inspectors understand the science of insulation and their related products and use the correct tools to diagnose and determine the best options for you to decide what to do. We do not believe in selling you on a product or service. We believe in serving you with honest, transparent information designed to give you every option to make an informed decision.

Your home can lose thermal energy through unsealed areas that allow air to pass through the windows, floors and ceilings and walls. We can test, find and fix these unsealed areas for the benefit of your home's air envelope.

Wonderful service, great price, honest workers! They showed up on time for each appointment!! Highly recommend!

JNikou McCarra, Houston, TX

We purchased an older home that needed lots of work, including the attic. The existing insulation was very old and worn down. Some raccoons had also been in there and left behind latrines.

Dave and his crew did an incredible job removing all of the old insulation, sealing up all the entry points, and disinfecting the entire space. It looked (and smelled) brand new after two days of hard work. They then sprayed in all new insulation and installed a couple new attic fans.

The price was fair and the quality of work was superb. A company could cut corners cleaning up a mess like this, but they didn’t miss anything. The quality was outstanding.

I’d happily recommend to anyone.


Andy Zone, The Woodlands, TX

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