The Texas Freeze. How Did It Happen?

We ran this add in September of 2020, BEFORE the freeze. As you may know, the freeze took Houston and Many other cities by surprise. We did many things right! We bled our pipes, we put heaters in our attics. So what went wrong?

We simply took for granted that our attics were properly insulated.

We thought we had enough insulation because, after all, our energy bills were not that high right? Wrong!

Every year your insulation diminishes, an HVAC person or plumber got up there and moves your insulation around. Your pipes become exposed and ....Well you know what happened next!

If you were properly insulated, you would have all pipes cover with the right sized pipe insulation, and buried under either batt insulation or 4-8 inches of blown in fiberglass insulation. I would NOT recommend Cellulose as it deteriorates over time.

So, You should have a professional evaluation, and an annual check to make sure this does not happen again.

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