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IF You Don't Install Baffles, Things Can Get Hot in Your Attic

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Attics Function as a Hat for the House. Imagine a hat that does not allow your head to breathe. How long would it be before you passed out? At the very least you might sweat profusely right?

Well the same can happen in your attic without adequate airflow.

Temperature reduction can be as dramatic as 35% when airflow intake and exhaust is increased.

Enter the Baffle. The device is designed to maintain airflow into your attic by sitting above your soffit vents protecting them from insulation falling into the vent and blocking airflow.

Baffles are essential. Maybe you have some in but not enough or the ones you have are not fastened properly.You should get them fixed immediately.

Once installed, the reduced temperatures can help with reducing the differential between the cold air in your house and the hot air in your attic. This differential can cause sweating or humidity which can lead to mold. The other benefit is reducing the convective heat in the attic can result in lower temperatures invading your home which means your AC will run less. Less AC means lower energy consumption. Lower energy consumption means lower bills (In most cases). Less convection means less stress on your sheetrock, roof underlayment, HVAC systems, Ducts and on and on.

So, get baffles with your insulation install. The small cost of installation can save you thousands in repairs later down the road.

Conclusion: Baffles makes things breathe better and airflow is good in attics.

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