Insulation Removal

Removing old insulation can have great benefits. You can reduce the amount of dust circulated through your home's HVAC system, reduce pollen, dust and allergens that may be causing illness. You also can remove old wood particles that can cause fire and old items left from previous workers. It can be a "Fresh Start" for many homeowners to design a more efficient attic resulting in a more energy efficient and healthy home.

The Buddy Box Stairway Insulator

The Buddy Box® is the ultimate attic access insulation cover ever invented (attic stairs, scuttle holes, knee-wall doors, and full-size doors.) Its primary design is to stop air infiltration between the home and attic, the most common medium for wasting costly residential energy, during both hot and cold seasons. The HVAC systems in homes are designed for a closed envelope making air balancing with supply and return air, very critical. Every time these systems are operating they create a positive or negative pressure, thus forcing conditioned air out or drawing outside air in the home. It also keeps out unhealthy insulation and dust particles from the attic.

We recommend The Buddy Box over other brands because it offers a higher R-Value, longer life, better construction, and great customer support. 

Garage Door Insulation Kits

Attic Buddies' Garage Door Insulation Kits look clean, and reject the radiant heat that has been beating at your garage year after year.

This simple affordable solution can help reduce temps in your garage by up to 20 or 30 degrees.

Have your Attic Buddies inspector take a look and measure your garage for an easy install when you install insulation or any other Attic Buddies service.

Storage Decking

Storage Decking. Stop placing your items on top of your insulation. We go up in many attics and see that the insulation has been squashed and compressed making the insulation not as effective, lowering the R-Value. 

We can install a durable, long lasting, breathable decking built to the height of your needs (4,6,8,and 10 inches) to hold your precious keepsakes, Christmas decorations, kids luggage and other items until you are ready to part with them. Stop paying storage fees. Attic buddies can make your deck custom to any size today.

Attic Clearing Service

Before we blow insulation or spray on radiant barrier, many attics are in need of a little "spring cleaning" . You may not be able to climb that attic ladder like you used to. No worries, we will remove and replace those items for you.

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