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The ABC's of

Attic Buddies has built a National brand by following a few lasting principles. Their experience serving the public to great results is what qualifies them to help the home improvement industry as a whole grow their brands, reach more qualified customers and manage the flow of supply and demand for the end user.


Attic Buddies' Club Mission is to Create A Better Insulation & HVAC Contractor who Serves the Public's Needs at the highest level and helps to restore trust in local Home Improvement Contractors. We provide supplies, training, support, products, business technology, credit strategies, access to legal support, access to tax advice and services, and a code of ethical principles that can put your brand far above the typical Contractor. 


Simply Put, We Help Contractors Become A Better Contractor! It's as Simple as ABC! The Better the Contractor, The better the business.


Some of our trade partners have increased their business by 4 fold in under one year. Instead of just buying supplies, join a club that will show you a better way to success.

We are Now Accepting a Limited Number of Contractors to our membership program by Invitation Only.


As a member you can gain Access to our Global Supply Chain; Enjoy competitive Pricing on Supplies (Insulation, Stairway Insulators, Solar Attic Fans, Radiant Foil, Spray Foam Sets, Etc) due to our tremendous Global Buying power, Access to our Local and National Network of Media Outlets (Billboards, TV, Internet, Social Media, Print, Radio and Home Shows), Access to Our Digital Audio & Film Production Studios, Media Production, Free Marketing and Publicity Consulting, A Free Social Media Assessment and Web Development Consultation, Discounted Vehicle Wrapping, Free Lead Referrals, Free 5 Star Training and Access to Essential Business Tools that can Help Serve Your Customer at a Five Star Level. You Also get access to our Legal Counselors, Help Choosing the right Business Insurance, and Tax advisors.  And one More Thing! You can cancel membership at any time.

See If You Qualify

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