Why Choose Attic Buddies over Other Companies?

You work hard for your money. We understand. Attic Buddies is your best choice because we do many of the "extras" for FREE. 

We always clear soffits at no charge so your attic has adequate airflow. We also install Baffles at no charge to keep your soffits from being stopped up with insulation. Other companies won't do this, don't know how or overcharge for this simple service, that without, can cost you thousands in repairs done the road.


Check a Pro Company like Attic Buddies out and experience what great service feels like, again. Attic Buddies has made some Attic Innovations in home energy efficiency that can help increase your home's comfort level, decrease your monthly bills and extend the life of your HVAC systems. We are your best choice for Insulation.

Our Pledge To You

We make sure we use non harmful products. No hazardous, itchy insulation that can cause respiratory complications or paper like insulation that dissolves over time. We prefer to use Johns Manville blown in insulation which is non asthmatic, hypo allergenic, non abrasive and safe for the whole family. Johns Manville Pure Safety™ Insulation is the World’s First to Earn Certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Have a brand preference? We can install any brand of fiberglass insulation you prefer.

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