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Components of a Certified Weather Ready Attic

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  1. Attic Properly and Professionally Inspected

  2. Foam Board on Hatchways when needed

  3. External Entry Points Properly Sealed to prevent rodent and pest entry

  4. Stairway Insulator Installed properly when appropriate

  5. Batting insulation installed properly and Strapped if needed

  6. Insulation installed to the proper R Value based on region

  7. Bathroom vents vented properly to the roof or Ridge Vent

  8. Baffles installed properly to allow proper airflow and prevent attic air stagnation

  9. Hot water heater properly fitted with an Insulated blanket

  10. Pipes Sleeved properly with the right size insulation sleeve 

  11. Intrusions Properly sealed 

  12. A Certificate of Completion

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